A Strange Night

1 Ticket • 3 Clubs • 3 Dancefloors

02.05.2020: A Strange Night | 1 Ticket | 3 Clubs | 3 Dancefloors |

1 Ticket | 3 Clubs | 3 Dancefloors

Fitzroy | Marie Antoinette | Hangar 49

02nd May 2020: We are proud to launch our first club night in 3 attractive side-by-side underground clubs „Fitzroy„, „Marie Antoinette“ and „Hangar 49“ in the Berlin S-Bahn arches. Real old Berlin nostalgia flair until early in the morning – your best night out in downtown Berlin, very close to Alexanderplatz.
02. Mai 2020: Wir freuen uns, den Termin für unsere erste Clubnacht in den 3 attraktiven, nebeneinanderliegenden Underground-Clubs „Fitzroy“, „Marie Antoinette und „Hangar 49“ in den Berliner S-Bahn-Bögen, nahe Alexanderplatz, bekannt zu geben.

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This party is dedicated to Nancy and Marcel ♥ We miss you!