22-04-2023 | The Cure Party in Berlin

„Songs Of A Lost World“ Record Release Party

02-05-2020: Cold Beat Wave Beats Minimal 80s Synth Wave EBM Post Disco Cold Wave at Fitzroy

Club: Fitzroy [left]

Cold Wave Beats: Minimal 80s | Synth Wave | EBM | Post Disco | Cold Wave

Club: Fitzroy [left]
Sounds: Minimal 80s | Synth Wave | EBM | Post Dicso | Cold Wave
Djs: Boris + Ian P. Christ

Weitere Informationen werden in Kürze veröffentlicht.
Further information will be published in the near future.

Enjoy the beat:

To bridge the gap until the club night on 2nd May 2020 listen Ian P. Christs fantastic NovaFuture Blog Mix and don’t miss it to join on 14-02-2020 Ceremonies # 54 ✣ Decade (10th anniversary event) at Clinic Basement.

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This party is dedicated to Nancy and Marcel ♥ We miss you!