A Strange Night

1 Ticket • 3 Clubs • 3 Dancefloors

Songtext The Cure Three

Songtexte The Cure


„No,“ I said, my face close to the ground, „I’ll stay as I am.“
„You really can annoy a person, I must say. Such a waste of time! Come on, put an end to it.“
„The way you shout! In the quiet of the night!“ I said.
„Just as you like,“ he added.
But wheeling suddenly around, he looked at me – I hadn’t quite finished yet – and said: „What’s this? You’re all crooked! What on earth are you up to?“
„Quite right. You’re very observant,“ said I, my head on the seam of his trousers, which was why I couldn’t look up properly.

I won’t scream, I’ll just stare at him as long as my eyes can stand it.
„Well?“ he said.
„Well?“ he said.
„Well?“ he said.

This party is dedicated to Nancy and Marcel ♥ We miss you!