22-04-2023 | The Cure Party in Berlin

„Songs Of A Lost World“ Record Release Party

The Cure – Trilogy: Live in Berlin

The Cure: Trilogy

(Live In The Tempodrom Berlin November 2002)

1. “100 Seconds” (intro)


2. “One Hundred Years”
3. “A Short Term Effect”
4. “The Hanging Garden”
5. “Siamese Twins”
6. “The Figurehead”
7. “A Strange Day”
8. “Cold”
9. “Pornography”


10. “Plainsong”
11. “Pictures of You”
12. “Closedown”
13. “Lovesong”
14. “Last Dance”
15. “Lullaby”
16. “Fascination Street”
17. “Prayers for Rain”
18. “The Same Deep Water as You”
19. “Disintegration”
20. “Homesick”
21. “Untitled”


“Out of This World”
“Watching Me Fall”
“Where the Birds Always Sing”
“Maybe Someday”
“The Last Day of Summer”
“There Is No If…”
“The Loudest Sound”


10. “If Only Tonight We Could Sleep”
11. “The Kiss”

This party is dedicated to Nancy and Marcel ♥ We miss you!